Training & Skills Transfer

Training & Skills Transfer

Our objective to establish a Technical Services Unit, dedicated to offering training and capacity-building services in agriculture, is a strategic endeavor that draws upon the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over the past two decades. This reservoir of knowledge serves as a valuable asset for Africa Harvest, with the potential not only to generate revenue but also to facilitate replication by our partners. Additionally, this initiative strategically positions our organization as a leader in the agricultural sector, aligning with our overarching goal of scaling up our impact to the meso level.

The recipients of our training services encompass a diverse spectrum, including staff from local and international organizations, project beneficiaries engaged in crop productivity and market system development, which could be delivered as contracted services, trainers of trainers (ToTs) involved in grassroots farmer training, and individuals working in the development sector. We intend to employ a versatile approach, utilizing both in-person and online training programs to deliver these essential technical services.

By pursuing these milestones, Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International aims to not only broaden its revenue streams but also foster knowledge dissemination and skill development across the agricultural sector. Through this initiative, we aspire to play a pivotal role in advancing agricultural practices, building capacity, and accelerating impact at various levels, ultimately contributing to sustainable development and food security in Africa and beyond.

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