Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027

The Situational Analysis reveals that Africa is still faced with the same challenges of poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Several African countries like Kenya are increasingly becoming food insecure with high dependence on food imports for their staple food. The problem is further compounded by a bulging unemployed youthful population, food safety concerns among consumers, the negative impacts of climate change on agricultural production as well as increased rural-urban migration.

Despite this situation, all is not lost for Africa, because of the immense opportunities within the continent as well as those presented by the global context. These include reaping the demographic dividend by supporting youth to find employment opportunities in Africa, the use of digital technology to introduce efficiency in agricultural production as well as the many technologies and innovations from research institutions with the potential to transform agricultural production in Africa. Following this review, it is very clear that the vision and mission of Africa Harvest remain relevant in the near future. The interventions and models implemented in the last two decades are a sure foundation for the organization to continue to respond to the food and nutrition issues in Africa.

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