Rose Kawira

Position: Multimedia Officer
Categories: Staff Members

Rose Kawira Nyaga, a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Media Technology with IT (Broadcast Option) from Maseno University, is a dedicated journalist with a passion for impactful storytelling. Her accomplishments include the successful publication of articles and documentaries on platforms such as Hope Channel Kenya, The Elephant TV, and Talk Africa among others. Her versatile skills in media and communications encompass content creation, editing, social media management, videography, photography, scriptwriting, and graphics and design. Her extroverted nature is coupled with a strong belief in the power of pursuing one’s passion to fulfill a greater purpose. Rose is a member of the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK). Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds enjoyment in watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and attending social gatherings for both entertainment and networking opportunities.