Calleb Adede

Position: Agronomist
Categories: Staff Members

Calleb Adede holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from Egerton University and is an accomplished Agronomist. He has attended numerous trainings on Value Chains and Market Analysis Approaches offered by Voluntary Services Oversees (VSO) Jitolee East Africa, Participatory Natural Resources Management by Kenya Forestry Research Institute-KEFRI, Sustainable Agriculture (Climate Smart Agriculture-CSA) Module 1 & 2 by Baraka Agricultural College, Trainer of Trainers (ToT) on Village Savings and Loans (VSLA) offered by CARE-Kenya, among others. Calleb has over 20 years of experience, multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise associated with a wide range of agricultural technologies and regional and local networks, as well as a healthy and inclusive partnership approach to develop innovations and deliver at scale. He previously worked at Serving Together Social Development International Solidarity (STS) International in Somali, African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), World Concern International Development Organization in South Sudan, Minority for Development of Economy (MODE) in Cambodia, Community Mobilization Against Desertification (CMAD/CEFA) and Africa Now among others.

He is committed to increasing agricultural productivity, profitability and building resilience by
strengthening technical and institutional capacity among smallholder farmers and groups by
providing immediate and effective responses.