Africa Harvest Senior Program Officer Wangari Kiragu, speaks to the board the women’s group in nyeri that have a marketing Association for Tc Banana.

Africa Harvest is a non-profit organization with a global vision and an African focus. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprising of a rich mix of expertise in the various facets of organizational governance and management, with balanced gender and geographical representation. All Board members, except the Chief Executive Officer, serve for no more than two consecutive three-year terms.

The Board meets four times a year to set/review the corporate governance guidelines, provide oversight for the management of the organization and ensure that the organization is on track with its mission of fighting hunger, poverty and malnutrition. Specifically, the Board

Evaluates and sets the compensation for the Chief Executive officer, and oversees succession planning; Provides counsel and oversight in the selection, evaluation, development and compensation of members of the senior management team; Reviews, monitors, and where appropriate, approves fundamental financial and business strategies, and major corporate actions Assesses major risks facing the organization, recommending mitigation measures
Ensures systems are in place for maintaining organizational integrity – integrity in financial management and reporting; integrity in complying with laws and ethics; the integrity of relationships with partners and stakeholders.

The Board dispenses its responsibilities through three committees:-

The Executive Committee comprising the Chief Executive Officer and two other Board members. This committee deals with program planning and execution, as well as budgeting and financial management.

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring financial and management accountability, by ensuring compliance to control and quality assurance systems. Its members must not provide consulting, advisory or other services to the organization, nor accept any payment from the organization, other than the honorarium paid to serving Board Directors. Members of this committee can also not be partners, principals or members of law, accounting and investment firms from which they derive fees, etc.

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for Board member re-appointments and recommending new Board members. It also monitors individual member and overall Board performance.
The Board has the right to retain independent advisors on financial, audit, legal and other matters as it may deem fit in order to effectively undertake its responsibilities.