Food And Nutritional Security

We acknowledge that achieving food security is an essential objective. However, it is imperative that our food not only ensures food security but also meets the nutritional needs of our communities. Our organization is embarking on a strategic shift, expanding its vision beyond mere productivity and food security. We acknowledge that comprehensive nutrition-sensitive interventions are imperative across our entire food systems landscape.

This strategic shift is not isolated but resonates strongly with the broader spectrum of our work. Effectively implementing this shift necessitates strategic interventions in various areas, with a primary focus on seed systems, sustainable farming practices, and government engagement. By adopting a holistic approach, we can ensure that food security is achieved without compromising nutritional quality.

At Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International, we are deeply committed to forging robust partnerships that contribute to improved nutrition outcomes for both farmers and consumers. Our strategy entails diversifying crop varieties and ensuring their consistent availability in the markets. We are dedicated to increasing the production of diverse, nutrient-dense crop varieties and biofortified seeds. This will be accomplished through a multi-pronged approach that includes enhancing knowledge of nutrition among stakeholders and ramping up the supply of biofortified inputs.

As we chart this new course, Africa Harvest remains resolute in its mission to address not only food security but also the nutritional well-being of the communities we serve. Our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and partnership-building underscores our commitment to creating lasting positive impacts on agriculture, nutrition, and the livelihoods of those we aim to empower. Together, we can build a more food-secure and nutritionally enriched future for Africa and beyond.

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